I'm Aaron Grando.
I'm a web designer & developer.

I create websites that help people reach their goals.

I'm a Brooklyn resident who will always have a heart for my hometown, Philadelphia. Me and my two cats - Greasy and Ellie - are all natives. Pretzels, Hoagies, Broad Street. Forever.

I'm currently Tech Lead at RTO+P. Recently, I've been building websites that help people connect, create, and achieve greatness. It's a wonderful feeling.

In 2012, I created a line of equine-inspired tee-shirts for my small apparel company, What Say Co.

This year, I'm working on something that will help you communicate with your friends and coworkers. It's called Crews, and it's coming this summer.

You can reach me on Twitter at @grrrando. I tend to talk about web development, music, cats, and wacky liberal agendas like gun control.

I've been writing on Medium; my posts are syndicated here.


Published November 17, 2013

The weather is changing again. Or, trying to change, at least.

The 1-line Productivity Hack

Published August 16, 2013

I always try to keep things simple, and this is about as simple as it gets.

Complexity = Features²

Published August 1, 2013

I have developed a simple formula (or, more accurately, a rule-of-thumb) for measuring the impact of an added feature on a software product…

What ad agencies’ job openings are saying without saying.

Published June 18, 2013

Creative Director, Design — Our art directors are too jaded to talk to clients.

Let’s hang out.

Published June 5, 2013

No, really. Me and you. This is an invitation. Let’s get together and grab coffee or lunch or drinks or something (I’m trying my hardest to…


Published May 31, 2013

The codebase is sitting here on my machine, and the rendered pages are unseen by everyone except for a few of my closest – my girlfriend,…

Engineers and advertising: The good industry.

Published April 17, 2013

Plenty has been said about why working in the advertising industry sucks.